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Global Data Strategy’s Managing Director, Donna Burbank, Named as one of the Top 10 Influential Data Leaders to Follow

August 2019  Enterprise Management 360 Recently named Global Data Strategy’s Donna Burbank as #2 in the Top 10 Influential Data Leaders to follow…Read More

Starfish Family Services is Named Best Managed Nonprofit for its Use of Data to help Children & Families

December 2018 Starfish Family Services, a customer partner of Global Data Strategy, was recently named one of the Best Managed Nonprofits in Detroit by Crain’s Detroit Business.  Starfish is making better use of data to help children and families through improved data governance and master data management … Read More

Global Data Strategy’s Managing Director listed as one of the Top Women Changing the Data Landscape 

September 2018 From the onset, women have continued to thrive in the world of data. Here are the Top 10 women changing the landscape of data this year, according to EM360 Tech … Read More

DAMA International Excellence in Data Management Award given to Donna Burbank

April 2017 Recipients of the 2016 DAMA International Awards were honored today at the 21st Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) in Atlanta, Georgia United States. The Enterprise Data World Conference (EDW) is recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world.  Donna Burbank was recognized for her many years of dedication to the profession of Data Management and the respect in which her peers hold her… Read More

Expert Tips for Managing Data in the Cloud: Computerworld interview with Donna Burbank

April 2017  When oncologists at Carolinas HealthCare System go before a tumor board review to discuss patient cases, they are looking for feedback on treatment plans and clinical trials. During their presentations, the doctors show their peers genetic data, pathology reports, lab results and physicians’ notes — all of which is at their fingertips because it is stored in a Hadoop cloud on Microsoft Azure.  This is the nonprofit hospital network’s first big foray into the cloud, and it has prompted careful consideration about how CHS both protects and manages its data off-premises. The two big areas that CHS needed to tackle were…Read More

Information Week Interview w/ Donna Burbank on Navigating Big Data & Data Governance in an Era of Global Uncertainty

February, 2017  Looking for a way to keep your customers happy and feeling safe, your bosses relaxed and confident, and the rest of your company’s teams protected from major mistakes? Just as a solid accounting system ensures and demonstrates that a business is being well managed, a data governance program is a necessary element of any business today that deals with data. And that’s basically all businesses.  Companies today are starting to really understand that … Read More

Data Governance Interview w/ Nigel Turner & Nicola Askham

November, 2016  At least 20 years, probably before the term Data Governance was even coined and popularised.  Although we did not have a name for it at that time, Data Governance became an issue in BT in the 1990s. When running data improvement projects it became obvious that a lack of business leadership and accountability for data was a major cause of the data quality problems we uncovered, and a significant barrier to fixing them.  So we placed a big emphasis on getting business people interested …
Read More

Business-Driven Data Strategy – A Focused Imperative

DATAVERSITY, August 2016 “How do I really use data to transform my business? It’s a question I get all the time from clients,” said Donna Burbank, the Managing Director at Global Data Strategy, in a recent DATAVERSITY® interview. “With data today driving so much business transformation, it’s become necessary to look at the business first and seeing how the business can drive the technology rather than the other way around…” Read More

Global Data Strategy partners with Silwood Technology for Enterprise Metadata Discovery

PRWeb, April 2016  “…Metadata and data models are critical to the success of enterprise data solutions, and more and more of our customers are looking for innovative ways to gather both business and technical metadata, particularly for packaged solutions. Silwood Technology offers a valuable solution to help discover business-critical metadata from solutions that had previously been difficult to integrate with the wider enterprise landscape…” Read more

Enterprise Management 360 ‘Zoom In’ Features Global Data Strategy, Ltd

Enterprise Management 360 Magazine, Jan 2016  “…Many organisations have been attracted to data by the promises of innovation and growth through Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). While these technologies certainly provide great opportunities, there is added complexity as new data sources are integrated with traditional ones. As firms look to incorporate these new technologies into their business models, they are finding a greater need for traditional tasks such as architecture and governance. Global Data Strategy expect an increase in demand as organisations look to find the right mix of new and traditional technologies that align with their business needs…”  Read more