A Data-Driven Organization Requires a Strong Foundation

Create the Building Blocks for Success

Data can provide tremendous value to an organization in today’s information-driven economy. New customer insights, better efficiency, and new product innovation are just some of the ways organizations are obtaining value through data. But in order to achieve this value, data must be managed and structured effectively. A strong data architecture helps the data infrastructure run more smoothly and, combined with data modeling, aligns more effectively with business needs.


A strong data foundation requires the right mix of design and implementation, while at the same time aligning with business needs and corporate culture. Global Data Strategy can assist you in building a data architecture foundation through:

  • Identifying business requirements, rules & definitions via a business-centric data model
  • Creating a data inventory & integrating disparate data sources
  • Building a technical data architecture through data models & related artifacts
  • Coordinating the people, processes and culture necessary for success
  • Identifying tools & technology needed for creating & maintaining high quality data

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