Data is Critical to your Business – Govern it Effectively

Business Value & Drivers for Data Governance

Like financial assets, data must be closely managed and governed in order to ensure that it is managed and used correctly throughout the organization. Government and industry regulations further drive the need for a strong data governance program.

Data Governance Framework
Data Governance Framework

Data Governance Challenges

Governing data poses unique challenges not found in other corporate assets in that data is stored in multiple formats, and used my numerous groups for different purposes across the organization. Add this to the sheer volume of data that is generated in the typical organization, data governance can seem a daunting task. Global Data Strategy can help you implement a data governance program that’s fit-for-purpose for your organization’s unique needs and goals by:

  • Aligning data governance with key business goals & drivers
  • Identifying critical data to be governed (and what to leave alone)
  • Defining roles & responsibilities
  • Creating policies & procedures for each business area
  • Identifying technologies & tools required

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