You Can’t Afford to Run Your Business with Poor Quality Data

The Business Need for Better Data Quality

We’ve all experienced the frustrations of bad data quality, whether as a customer or within our own organization.

  • How many times have we received multiple communications from the same company, and/or had our name spelled incorrectly, and/or had our web updates not reflect on our next bill, and the list goes on.
  • From an organizational perspective, poor quality data translates into lost revenue, increased maintenance costs, poor customer satisfaction, and more.
  • On the positive side, a company with good quality data can better use this data for strategic advantage–identifying customer trends and identifying new campaigns, suggesting new product combinations based on past sales, and the list goes on.

Improving data quality can have a significant effect on your organization’s ability to increase innovation, customer satisfaction, and efficiency.


Achieving better data quality requires a robust combination of data-centric processes, tools, and even culture change in the organization. Global Data Strategy can help you reach your goal of better quality data through:

  • Prioritizing high-value business data for cleansing
  • Inventorying & integrating disparate data sources across the organization
  • Coordinating the people, processes and culture necessary for success
  • Identifying tools & technology needed for creating & maintaining high quality data

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