The next upcoming courses are listed below. We hope you can join us for one of these events.

Data Strategy for Busy Professionals:
Virtual Course, August 14-17 2023

Many executives are looking to create a data-driven organization, and to reap the benefits that modern data technology can bring. But creating an enterprise data strategy and architecture can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to know where to begin, and how to prioritize efforts with the myriad technologies and stakeholders involved. This course will help de-mystify data strategy and data management, and will provide concrete, practical ways to get started. This 4 day course is easy to integrate into your “day job” with 3 hour segments per day from 12pm – 3pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Pacific). Instructor: Donna Burbank. Cost $1850 USD

Data Governance – A Practical Guide, Virtual Course, October 16-19 2023

Data Governance is rapidly becoming a must have for any organization wanting to manage its data, improve its quality, and control its security, access and use.  But launching a Data Governance initiative can be challenging as it requires both cultural change and new technical ways of working.

This course will outline a practical approach to implementing a Data Governance framework to ensure that all necessary components of Data Governance are put in place.  It will also reinforce learning by enabling participants to gain hands on experience of the approaches and techniques taught.  This course is easy to integrate into your normal daily work routine with 3 hour segments per day from 12pm – 3pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Pacific). Instructors: Nigel Turner and Donna Burbank. Cost $1850 USD