Creating a 360 View for Key Business Data

Business Value & Drivers for MDM

With data driving today’s information-driven global economy, many organizations are in search of the elusive “single view of customer” to help ensure quality, consistency, and better customer service across the organization. Even more valuable is a “360 view of customer” where information can be augmented from multiple sources. Other types of data such as Product, Vendor, Location, and more can also benefit from a single view.  Master Data Management (MDM) can help build this 360 degree view of key business information to allow you to take full advantage of your organization’s data for better business outcomes.


Implementing a master view of data requires rigorous data management to achieve. Global Data Strategy can help you reach your business goals for Master Data through defining a robust technical architecture as well as the processes, people, skills, and policies needed for effective implementation. We can help you define:

  • Business goals for Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Key business data which should be mastered
  • Architectural blueprints for data integration, MDM, data modeling, and more
  • Technologies & tools to support MDM
  • People, processes, and policies to manage MDM\

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