Global Data Strategy partners with a number of technology and services partners around the globe in order to help you build the best solution suited to your individual business requirements.

Our Technology Partners provide us with technical expertise and support to help you choose and implement the best technical solution for your unique business needs.  We provide a 100% vendor neutral evaluation–we are not aligned with one technology provider over another, and we use our technical expertise to help you choose the right solution for you. We can help you cut through the vendor hype to perform a realistic evaluation that’s suited to your priorities. Our focus is on business success, and while our staff has deep background and experience in a number of technical solutions, we are able to “take it up a level” to focus on business requirements, not technical bells & whistles.

Our Global Service Partners provide local language and technical expertise in regions of the world where we do not have a significant number of our own in-house staff. We work closely with these service providers in joint implementations and have only chosen partners whom we trust to provide the best technical solution with the same attention to your business needs as we would.